Media Diary 7

Today I got up at 10:00am. Surprisingly I didn’t feel dizzy though I went to bad at 3:00am, but I don’t think I should do that again. At 10:30 I went to the living room to have breakfast and I turned on TV to see whether there’s something interesting on weekends. Then something did catch my eye. It was kind of a commercial but was a series of used cars including their pictures, conditions and prices etc. I think it was catchy because I’ve been wanted a car since I arrived in the US, for it’s so inconvenient to go anywhere without a car. And I also was impressed by the prices. In comparison, they are way much lower than in China. Take a Corolla(Toyota) for example, it would only cost less than 10,000 dollars here but more than 20,000 dollars in China. It sounds crazy but it’s true. At 11:30 I used my cell phone to check the bus information. It became essential to  to check at weekends if I need to go out, for if I missed a bus, I’d have to wait for an hour for the next one. I went to the post office to send a gift to one of my best friends in China because her birthday is coming. It’s my first time going to a post office and it took longer than I thought. I got back at 3:30 and turned on my computer to begin to search some information for another class’s presentation. Then I went to Renren, Kaixin001 and gmail. At 7:00 I had dinner with my roommate and asked her opinions about “Boys Before Flowers”. I was surprised that she barely slept last time for watching all the rest episodes! Now she is a bigger fan than me. After dinner I went back to my room and watched a new episode of the Big Bang Theory (it’s so hilarious), Desperate Housewives and Glee. I think Glee is novel and different from other dramas I’ve been watching. It’s a good way to hear English songs so I like it.

It’s so interesting to write media diary this week, I think it helped me to understand life in the US better. When I was in China, I only use my cell phone for texting and calling and spent about 20 yuan( equals $3), but now I use it to check emails and browse websites instead of texting and fees rose to $20. Besides, I’m a little surprised by my obsession with the internet especially those sites like Renren, Kaixin001 etc., and they were not this sticky. Now I’ve realized that how essential these things (computer, internet, TV, cell phone etc.) are, I guess now if we try to live without them, life would become miserable.


Media Diary 6: crazy night

Today I had to get up at 8:30 am, because there was a group meeting at 10:00. As usual, I turned on my cell phone to check my gmail account first, and there were two new ones, one is an advertisement and the other is from one of my American friends, but she just sent me a link without saying anything else, so weird…  I guess I didn’t get enough sleep so I felt very sleepy.  After breakfast I was more conscious, then I used my cell to check RTS and this time the GPS worked well, it didn’t take me long waiting for the bus. On the way to school I was listening to Kim Bum’s Christmas Eve’s Sky on my ipod and I think I’ve listened to this song for over one thousand and five hundred times, my another record… Our meeting ended at 11:00, and I planned to go to the Criser Hall as I was informed yesterday afterward, but I’ve never been to that building before. I tried to use the google map with my cell phone (I’ve never used it before), and it gave me the right route, but I was so stupid that I went a wrong direction and was kind of lost, so embarrassing… Then I asked someone and she pointed me the correct direction, finally I got the right place. In the afternoon I had a class from 12:50 to 4:00, and then I rode RTS to go home. On the way I checked my gmail account again, and it turned out that the weird email I got in the morning was a virus, my friend sent another email explained that and told me not to open it. So glad I was so sleepy this morning that I didn’t check it out.

At 6:00 I had dinner with my roommate while talking about some Korean dramas with her. She is a fan of them too but I was surprised that she haven’t watched the “Boys Before Flowers” yet.  It was such a blast in Asia last year and was based on a Japanese manga. Indeed, the manga “Boys Over Flowers” was already very famous a long time ago, but it became well-known in Asia since it was first adapted for a TV drama of Chinese version and the name was changed to “Meteor Garden” in 2002. It was such a success and so popular that everyone has watched it and was talking about it. In 2005, Japan made their new drama version “Hana Yori Dango” based on that manga which was successful too. Although it’s the same story, the new Korean version is still quite worth watching it, the cast and music couldn’t be better. After my recommendation she began to watch it when the dinner is finished. I didn’t plan to watch it since I’ve seen it for several times, but I couldn’t help it then I sit down to watch it with her. Crazily we watched six episodes in a row, and then I felt sleepy so I went back to my room and finished my diary  and I found this interesting comparison on Youtube.

Media Diary 5: film music is fascinating

I got up at 9:10am today, and as usual first thing I did was turn on my cell phone to check my gmail account and there were no new ones in the inbox… Then I went to the living room to start have breakfast while watching TV. On CBS 4 the program Dr.Phil is on again, and I guess it started at 10:00. The topic was the same as yesterday’s, about teenagers been bullied. There was a twelve year old girl’s mother came to the show and she said she was so worried about her daughter who has been cyber bullied. On the internet A (one of her daughter’s friends) said right to her daughter what A wanted most is her daughter to die, otherwise A would kill her daughter. It seems like that mean girls really exist, but this girl is way worse than those in the movie Mean Girls. I don’t understand why a teenage girl would want another one to die, this is beyond me. I didn’t finish watching it, for I have to go back to my room to write a paper for a class. I started to write it at 10:20 while listening to the song “Without Words” by Jang Geun Suk over and over again. After finished my paper I went to Renren, Kaixin001 and played the Bricks Breaking on Facebook, then three hours were gone. At 6:00 I went to school and while riding on the bus I played BrickBreaker with my cell phone. After I got school I went to the library first and went to to left my comments for this week’s blog post while listening to the Japanese film music composed by a great Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi, “One Summer’s Day” from the movie “Spirited Away”.   “The Rain” from the movie “Kikujiro”. And  “Laputa – The Sea of Cloud Under The Moonlight” from the movie “Laputa:Castle in the Sky” The movie “Spirited Away” and “Laputa:Castle in the Sky” were both directed by Hayao Miyazaki, a Japanese manga artist and prominent film  director. Joe Hisaishi composed a lot for Hayao Miyazaki’s movies then they become great partners.

At 7:20 I went to a lab to observe an undergraduate class for an hour. Then I rided RTS and on the way home I played BrickBreaker with my cell phone again and got a new record.  I got home at 9:20 and started to write today’s diary.

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Media Diary 4: still enjoy listening to radio programs

Today I got up at 9:00am, and again turn on my cell phone firstly to check my gmail account. I think it’s become a reflex action… After took a shower I went to the living room to have breakfast at 10:00. At the same time I turned on TV and watched CBS 4. I saw Ellen DeGeneres talking about a tragedy that a teenage boy committed a suicide because he had been bullied and someone exposed that he is gay. I guess the program is called Dr. Phil, and then it backed to the show. Several people were invited here including the actor Mark Indelicato who played in the ABC comedy series Ugly Betty, as Justin Suarez. He portrayed a gay in that comedy. Then he and the host asked each of the guest of their experiences about been bullied. These guests are either homosexual or pansexual, and some of them have tried to commit a suicide before. Been bullied influence them very much and their lives have become miserable. They also interviewed Crystal Bowersox, the runner-up on the ninth season of American Idol, she talked about her experience of been bullied too, and she said it’ll probably last a lifelong time. It’s such a heavy topic, and I can’t believe someone was bullied to death! Unfortunately, I didn’t finish watching it because there were too much commercials and my patience was killed by them. Instead I went back to my room turned on my computer, and subconsciously I went to Renren, Kaixin001, gmail, and then two hours were gone. At 1:00pm I went out for riding the bus. I check RTS website by my cell phone before I left home, but the GPS was not accurate again. I watched an episode of Friends( the NBC sitcom) on my IPod while waiting for the bus. It’s the best series ever! Although I’ve watched all of the ten seasons already, I can’t help to watch it over and over again. Not only for their friendship always touches me, but also it helps me to improve my English and always can cheer me up.

 After class I went back home at 6:30, and luckily my roommate has already cooked dinner. We had dinner together and talked about what TV dramas we are going to watch on this weekend, so exciting! Then I went back to my room straight to my laptop. Again, I checked gmail, Renren, and logged on QQ. I chatted with one of my friends on QQ, and I just found out that she spent her two month salary on a 16G IPad. I have to say that’s really impressive. Then I started to write today’s diary while listening to my favorite radio program Third Wheel online at CRI EasyFM. It’s a radio station called China Radio International. They’ve always got great topics, introduce new English songs. I’ve become a fan since I was in high school. Listening to that station did help my English learning, and I used to listen to them every day when I was in China. Music Memories is a great program too. I hope I can work in that station someday!

Media Diary 3: A day without computer

I got up at 7:00am today (not voluntarily), because I had a group meeting this morning. Then I went out at 7:30 to wait for the bus. Intentionally I didn’t play games with my cell phone this time, just listened to my IPod Classic (a birthday gift I got from one of my best friends two years ago, and it’s been with me every day since then), while I was waiting for the bus, it took more time than I thought, I guess GPS sometimes is not that accurate. I listened to the songs in the Korean song list that I created, and most of them are from Korean TV dramas’ original sound track. It’s one reason that I like to watch those dramas because it’s a good way to discover great songs, and when listening to them, some of the scenes would flash back, then the song become more pleasant. During the meeting we went through and discussed one of our textbooks, which is a very tough one. The meeting last three hours then I rode on bus to go home. On the way I listened to my IPod again, but English songs instead. Recently I listened to the song “Stand” by Rascal Flatts a lot. It’s from their 2006 album “Me and My Gang”, which is a very encouraging and comforting, I like listening to it when I’m feeling frustrated.

After got home, I had lunch with my roommate. I turned on the TV but there was nothing interesting on, so we just left it as background sound. Then I went back to my room and took a nap. In the afternoon, I checked my gmail account, Facebook and Twitter with my cell phone. It’s so convenient that my phone has all of these applications, and it has become a big help that I don’t have to use my laptop to go on the internet then check these out. When I was in China, my cell phone was only for texting and making calls, I barely use it to go on the internet. In the evening I had another group meeting, no laptops, just books. I went back at 10:30pm, and then I realized that I spent almost a day without computer, and I survived! This must be my new record.

After this joy moment, I turned on my computer to write today’s diary, before starting I checked my gmail account again, though there’s no new emails. Then I logged on QQ,  but there only a few of my friends are online. It’s way fewer than in normal times because it’s still in China’s national holiday. I miss the whole week holiday!

Media Diary 2: To much time on cell phone

I got up at 8:00am, the first thing I did was turn on my cell phone(BlackBerry Smartphone) to check my gmail account, and there was no new mails…After finished breakfast, I used my cell to go to to check the bus information. It’s so convenient that all the buses have GPS and we can see where the buses exactly are. At 9:00 I went out to get on the bus.  On the thirty-minute way to school I played Klondike with my cell phone. My class ended at 12:35, and after lunch, I played Brickbreaker with my cell for nearly an hour while waiting for my study partners for group meeting. During the meeting, we use the printed data discussed how to use them and do analysis and one of my partners added me on Facebook with her laptop, then my cell phone reminded me immediately and I confirm the request right away, so handy. It took us about two hours discussing, then I checked bus information and went home, and I played the Brickbreaker on the bus again. (I’ve never been this addicted to cell phone before!)

After I got home, I turned on my computer to begin surfing on the internet. I checked ufl webmail first, gladly Jody sent us the Spring 2011 schedule of courses, and now I can think about what courses to choose for next semester. Then I went to Sina Microblog  to check my friend’s and some celebrities’ updates. After that I went to (it’s like a forum) to read news about my favorite actor Kim Bum. Surprisingly he just finished a short movie called “Haru 2010”. I was so excited and went to Youtube to check it out, luckily it’s already there and I watched it at once. He played an photographer and still got the most amazing smile.     

  After dinner I logged on QQ ( which it’s an instant messaging tool and the most popular one in China, all of my Chinese friends are using it. It’s similar to MSN but I think it’s much use-friendly than MSN), and started to video chat with my parents. It was morning time in Beijing and they just finished breakfast. It’s so wonderful that we can talk in this way that not only I saved a lot of my cell phone bill but also it’s just like a face-to-face talk and they can see how I’m doing. We chatted for thirty minutes, then I started to write today’s diary while listening to my favorite song, “Christmas Eve’s Sky” by Kim Bum, I’ve listened to this song for more than a thousand times. I just love it !

Before I finish this, Ichecked my cell phone again.  When I browsed twitter I found a terrifying news from CNN, then I check it out on my computer, here it is:  2 dead, 5 injured in Florida shooting spree. It happened in Gainesville, Florida…