Media Diary 7

Today I got up at 10:00am. Surprisingly I didn’t feel dizzy though I went to bad at 3:00am, but I don’t think I should do that again. At 10:30 I went to the living room to have breakfast and I turned on TV to see whether there’s something interesting on weekends. Then something did catch my eye. It was kind of a commercial but was a series of used cars including their pictures, conditions and prices etc. I think it was catchy because I’ve been wanted a car since I arrived in the US, for it’s so inconvenient to go anywhere without a car. And I also was impressed by the prices. In comparison, they are way much lower than in China. Take a Corolla(Toyota) for example, it would only cost less than 10,000 dollars here but more than 20,000 dollars in China. It sounds crazy but it’s true. At 11:30 I used my cell phone to check the bus information. It became essential to  to check at weekends if I need to go out, for if I missed a bus, I’d have to wait for an hour for the next one. I went to the post office to send a gift to one of my best friends in China because her birthday is coming. It’s my first time going to a post office and it took longer than I thought. I got back at 3:30 and turned on my computer to begin to search some information for another class’s presentation. Then I went to Renren, Kaixin001 and gmail. At 7:00 I had dinner with my roommate and asked her opinions about “Boys Before Flowers”. I was surprised that she barely slept last time for watching all the rest episodes! Now she is a bigger fan than me. After dinner I went back to my room and watched a new episode of the Big Bang Theory (it’s so hilarious), Desperate Housewives and Glee. I think Glee is novel and different from other dramas I’ve been watching. It’s a good way to hear English songs so I like it.

It’s so interesting to write media diary this week, I think it helped me to understand life in the US better. When I was in China, I only use my cell phone for texting and calling and spent about 20 yuan( equals $3), but now I use it to check emails and browse websites instead of texting and fees rose to $20. Besides, I’m a little surprised by my obsession with the internet especially those sites like Renren, Kaixin001 etc., and they were not this sticky. Now I’ve realized that how essential these things (computer, internet, TV, cell phone etc.) are, I guess now if we try to live without them, life would become miserable.


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  1. Your analysis of your Media Diary experience is only about the Internet and your phone. You did not write about any other media such as movies, books, newspapers, radio, etc.


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