Media Diary 6: crazy night

Today I had to get up at 8:30 am, because there was a group meeting at 10:00. As usual, I turned on my cell phone to check my gmail account first, and there were two new ones, one is an advertisement and the other is from one of my American friends, but she just sent me a link without saying anything else, so weird…  I guess I didn’t get enough sleep so I felt very sleepy.  After breakfast I was more conscious, then I used my cell to check RTS and this time the GPS worked well, it didn’t take me long waiting for the bus. On the way to school I was listening to Kim Bum’s Christmas Eve’s Sky on my ipod and I think I’ve listened to this song for over one thousand and five hundred times, my another record… Our meeting ended at 11:00, and I planned to go to the Criser Hall as I was informed yesterday afterward, but I’ve never been to that building before. I tried to use the google map with my cell phone (I’ve never used it before), and it gave me the right route, but I was so stupid that I went a wrong direction and was kind of lost, so embarrassing… Then I asked someone and she pointed me the correct direction, finally I got the right place. In the afternoon I had a class from 12:50 to 4:00, and then I rode RTS to go home. On the way I checked my gmail account again, and it turned out that the weird email I got in the morning was a virus, my friend sent another email explained that and told me not to open it. So glad I was so sleepy this morning that I didn’t check it out.

At 6:00 I had dinner with my roommate while talking about some Korean dramas with her. She is a fan of them too but I was surprised that she haven’t watched the “Boys Before Flowers” yet.  It was such a blast in Asia last year and was based on a Japanese manga. Indeed, the manga “Boys Over Flowers” was already very famous a long time ago, but it became well-known in Asia since it was first adapted for a TV drama of Chinese version and the name was changed to “Meteor Garden” in 2002. It was such a success and so popular that everyone has watched it and was talking about it. In 2005, Japan made their new drama version “Hana Yori Dango” based on that manga which was successful too. Although it’s the same story, the new Korean version is still quite worth watching it, the cast and music couldn’t be better. After my recommendation she began to watch it when the dinner is finished. I didn’t plan to watch it since I’ve seen it for several times, but I couldn’t help it then I sit down to watch it with her. Crazily we watched six episodes in a row, and then I felt sleepy so I went back to my room and finished my diary  and I found this interesting comparison on Youtube.


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  1. So there are three TV-video versions of the same manga:

    Boys Before Flowers – Korean
    Meteor Garden – Chinese
    Hana Yori Dango – Japanese

    And judging from the YouTube video you embedded, it seems a lot of fans have watched all three versions! And do you like all three? Are they all the same length? How many hours? I never heard of these, but I almost never watch love stories. Well, and they are not movies, so probably I couldn’t even get a version with English subtitles, hm?


    • Yeah,they are based on the same manga and just slightly different. I’ve watched the Chinese version and Korean version for a lot of times and it’s hard to say which one I like better, they’re both great! I was moved not just by the love story but also F4’s friendship. The Japanese version… I just watched two episodes and I don’t like the cast very much ( I think the Japanese F4 are not that attractive), so I didn’t finished watching it. There are 27 episodes(45mins each) of the Chinese version, 25 episodes(65 mins each) of the Korean version, and 9 episodes( 45 mins each) of the Japanese version.
      Meteor Garden:
      Boys Before Flowers:
      Hana Yori Dango:
      Scroll down to the bottom and there are videos with English Subtitles. If you’d like to watch this story, I think it’s better to begin with the Meteor Garden, because it was made quite early in 2002, otherwise you’d probably think the outfit in that version is old-fashioned.


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