Media Diary 5: film music is fascinating

I got up at 9:10am today, and as usual first thing I did was turn on my cell phone to check my gmail account and there were no new ones in the inbox… Then I went to the living room to start have breakfast while watching TV. On CBS 4 the program Dr.Phil is on again, and I guess it started at 10:00. The topic was the same as yesterday’s, about teenagers been bullied. There was a twelve year old girl’s mother came to the show and she said she was so worried about her daughter who has been cyber bullied. On the internet A (one of her daughter’s friends) said right to her daughter what A wanted most is her daughter to die, otherwise A would kill her daughter. It seems like that mean girls really exist, but this girl is way worse than those in the movie Mean Girls. I don’t understand why a teenage girl would want another one to die, this is beyond me. I didn’t finish watching it, for I have to go back to my room to write a paper for a class. I started to write it at 10:20 while listening to the song “Without Words” by Jang Geun Suk over and over again. After finished my paper I went to Renren, Kaixin001 and played the Bricks Breaking on Facebook, then three hours were gone. At 6:00 I went to school and while riding on the bus I played BrickBreaker with my cell phone. After I got school I went to the library first and went to to left my comments for this week’s blog post while listening to the Japanese film music composed by a great Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi, “One Summer’s Day” from the movie “Spirited Away”.   “The Rain” from the movie “Kikujiro”. And  “Laputa – The Sea of Cloud Under The Moonlight” from the movie “Laputa:Castle in the Sky” The movie “Spirited Away” and “Laputa:Castle in the Sky” were both directed by Hayao Miyazaki, a Japanese manga artist and prominent film  director. Joe Hisaishi composed a lot for Hayao Miyazaki’s movies then they become great partners.

At 7:20 I went to a lab to observe an undergraduate class for an hour. Then I rided RTS and on the way home I played BrickBreaker with my cell phone again and got a new record.  I got home at 9:20 and started to write today’s diary.


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  1. I LOVE Miyazaki!!! I just watched Ponyo on DVD on Wednesday. Not as good as Spirited Away (THE BEST!), but very sweet. The music in Spirited Away is wonderful. Did you watch the “making of” video on the Spirited Away DVD? It is really great.

    Watching Dr. Phil might be a good way to learn more about American life … or maybe not? 🙂 It certainly can be entertaining!


    • Yeah, he is such a great director. I didn’t watch that, actually I haven’t watched a movie for quite a while, probably I should restart to watch from Spirited Away.

      I remembered that last Thursday I saw “BFF” on TV, but I couldn’t recall which channel it was. I heard the tern”BFF” before, but I didn’t know what that stands for. It turned out that it was a program(or not, I’m not sure) that Paris Hilton was choosing one from a lot of girls to be her new best friend. I think that’s very interesting.


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