Media Diary 4: still enjoy listening to radio programs

Today I got up at 9:00am, and again turn on my cell phone firstly to check my gmail account. I think it’s become a reflex action… After took a shower I went to the living room to have breakfast at 10:00. At the same time I turned on TV and watched CBS 4. I saw Ellen DeGeneres talking about a tragedy that a teenage boy committed a suicide because he had been bullied and someone exposed that he is gay. I guess the program is called Dr. Phil, and then it backed to the show. Several people were invited here including the actor Mark Indelicato who played in the ABC comedy series Ugly Betty, as Justin Suarez. He portrayed a gay in that comedy. Then he and the host asked each of the guest of their experiences about been bullied. These guests are either homosexual or pansexual, and some of them have tried to commit a suicide before. Been bullied influence them very much and their lives have become miserable. They also interviewed Crystal Bowersox, the runner-up on the ninth season of American Idol, she talked about her experience of been bullied too, and she said it’ll probably last a lifelong time. It’s such a heavy topic, and I can’t believe someone was bullied to death! Unfortunately, I didn’t finish watching it because there were too much commercials and my patience was killed by them. Instead I went back to my room turned on my computer, and subconsciously I went to Renren, Kaixin001, gmail, and then two hours were gone. At 1:00pm I went out for riding the bus. I check RTS website by my cell phone before I left home, but the GPS was not accurate again. I watched an episode of Friends( the NBC sitcom) on my IPod while waiting for the bus. It’s the best series ever! Although I’ve watched all of the ten seasons already, I can’t help to watch it over and over again. Not only for their friendship always touches me, but also it helps me to improve my English and always can cheer me up.

 After class I went back home at 6:30, and luckily my roommate has already cooked dinner. We had dinner together and talked about what TV dramas we are going to watch on this weekend, so exciting! Then I went back to my room straight to my laptop. Again, I checked gmail, Renren, and logged on QQ. I chatted with one of my friends on QQ, and I just found out that she spent her two month salary on a 16G IPad. I have to say that’s really impressive. Then I started to write today’s diary while listening to my favorite radio program Third Wheel online at CRI EasyFM. It’s a radio station called China Radio International. They’ve always got great topics, introduce new English songs. I’ve become a fan since I was in high school. Listening to that station did help my English learning, and I used to listen to them every day when I was in China. Music Memories is a great program too. I hope I can work in that station someday!


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  1. You wrote: “I went to Renren, Kaixin001, gmail, and then two hours were gone.” This is a VERY common theme among all the students!

    Of course I also spend a lot of time each day on my e-mail, but for me that is mostly my work.


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