Media Diary 3: A day without computer

I got up at 7:00am today (not voluntarily), because I had a group meeting this morning. Then I went out at 7:30 to wait for the bus. Intentionally I didn’t play games with my cell phone this time, just listened to my IPod Classic (a birthday gift I got from one of my best friends two years ago, and it’s been with me every day since then), while I was waiting for the bus, it took more time than I thought, I guess GPS sometimes is not that accurate. I listened to the songs in the Korean song list that I created, and most of them are from Korean TV dramas’ original sound track. It’s one reason that I like to watch those dramas because it’s a good way to discover great songs, and when listening to them, some of the scenes would flash back, then the song become more pleasant. During the meeting we went through and discussed one of our textbooks, which is a very tough one. The meeting last three hours then I rode on bus to go home. On the way I listened to my IPod again, but English songs instead. Recently I listened to the song “Stand” by Rascal Flatts a lot. It’s from their 2006 album “Me and My Gang”, which is a very encouraging and comforting, I like listening to it when I’m feeling frustrated.

After got home, I had lunch with my roommate. I turned on the TV but there was nothing interesting on, so we just left it as background sound. Then I went back to my room and took a nap. In the afternoon, I checked my gmail account, Facebook and Twitter with my cell phone. It’s so convenient that my phone has all of these applications, and it has become a big help that I don’t have to use my laptop to go on the internet then check these out. When I was in China, my cell phone was only for texting and making calls, I barely use it to go on the internet. In the evening I had another group meeting, no laptops, just books. I went back at 10:30pm, and then I realized that I spent almost a day without computer, and I survived! This must be my new record.

After this joy moment, I turned on my computer to write today’s diary, before starting I checked my gmail account again, though there’s no new emails. Then I logged on QQ,  but there only a few of my friends are online. It’s way fewer than in normal times because it’s still in China’s national holiday. I miss the whole week holiday!


2 responses to this post.

  1. That’s a long day, with one meeting early in the morning and another meeting in the evening. It’s probably very good that you were able to take a nap in the afternoon! (Poor grad students, working so hard.)

    In your first meeting — no computers? No laptop?

    Is QQ like Renren, or it’s something else?

    I think you would probably like the music from the TV show “Glee.” Look it up — see if you agree.


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