Media Diary 2: To much time on cell phone

I got up at 8:00am, the first thing I did was turn on my cell phone(BlackBerry Smartphone) to check my gmail account, and there was no new mails…After finished breakfast, I used my cell to go to to check the bus information. It’s so convenient that all the buses have GPS and we can see where the buses exactly are. At 9:00 I went out to get on the bus.  On the thirty-minute way to school I played Klondike with my cell phone. My class ended at 12:35, and after lunch, I played Brickbreaker with my cell for nearly an hour while waiting for my study partners for group meeting. During the meeting, we use the printed data discussed how to use them and do analysis and one of my partners added me on Facebook with her laptop, then my cell phone reminded me immediately and I confirm the request right away, so handy. It took us about two hours discussing, then I checked bus information and went home, and I played the Brickbreaker on the bus again. (I’ve never been this addicted to cell phone before!)

After I got home, I turned on my computer to begin surfing on the internet. I checked ufl webmail first, gladly Jody sent us the Spring 2011 schedule of courses, and now I can think about what courses to choose for next semester. Then I went to Sina Microblog  to check my friend’s and some celebrities’ updates. After that I went to (it’s like a forum) to read news about my favorite actor Kim Bum. Surprisingly he just finished a short movie called “Haru 2010”. I was so excited and went to Youtube to check it out, luckily it’s already there and I watched it at once. He played an photographer and still got the most amazing smile.     

  After dinner I logged on QQ ( which it’s an instant messaging tool and the most popular one in China, all of my Chinese friends are using it. It’s similar to MSN but I think it’s much use-friendly than MSN), and started to video chat with my parents. It was morning time in Beijing and they just finished breakfast. It’s so wonderful that we can talk in this way that not only I saved a lot of my cell phone bill but also it’s just like a face-to-face talk and they can see how I’m doing. We chatted for thirty minutes, then I started to write today’s diary while listening to my favorite song, “Christmas Eve’s Sky” by Kim Bum, I’ve listened to this song for more than a thousand times. I just love it !

Before I finish this, Ichecked my cell phone again.  When I browsed twitter I found a terrifying news from CNN, then I check it out on my computer, here it is:  2 dead, 5 injured in Florida shooting spree. It happened in Gainesville, Florida…


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  1. Ah, Sina is a very smart company. I remember when they began trading on the U.S. stock exchange. People made a lot of money from that company.

    Kim Bum — also Korean? Is he a big star in China?

    The shooting in Gainesville is a very sad case. Sometimes people who are mentally unbalanced go out on a rampage. In other countries they do it with a knife, but in the U.S., they do it with a gun.


    • I guess so. Blogging was quite popular in China back in 2007, but soon it’s become out of date. Now more and more people just write microblog, and Sina is leading the trend in China. It’s much easier to just leave few words than write a piece.

      Kim Bum is a Korean actor. He was in the famous Korean drama “Boys Before Flowers”(or “Boys Over Flowers). It’s a blast in Asia, I’ll explain more in my future diaries. It’s hard to say that whether he is a big star or not, there are some many Korean actors that are very popular in China, like Jang Geun Suk I mentioned yesterday. But it is true that Kim Bum’s got a number of fans between age 12 to 30 in China.


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