New Journey on Twitter

My Twitter account is @Tianning. I signed up on Twitter two years ago when one of my American freinds told me this website. I was not very clear about what this site is about and none of my Chinese friends have heard of it, and then soon afterward it’s been blocked in China, so I’ve barely used it and now I’m still new to Twitter.

I didn’t even know there are lists of different categories, and I’m glad that I got this chance to restart to use this website and begin a new journey of discovery.  After I looked through the lists, I added some people working  in media area  and some mainstream networks like CBS News,CNN, nytimes to follow firstly. Although these journalists’ tweets are not as much as the networks,  I think these tweets well diaplayed that Twitter is “a platform for free expression, thereby increasing the diversity of viewpoints that become publicly available.” Meanwhile, these networks tweet quite often, and almost their every tweet is the headline of a news article with the link to it.  When I check new tweets on my cell phone, it did help me to read some news. I didn’t like to browse these websites to read news before, but now I found it became interesting and it’s very convenient on Twitter.

I’m also following some celebrities such as  Oprah winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres and Ryan Seacrest. I watched their shows before and they’re all very successful hosts but quite far away from me. However, after I followed them on Twitter, I can’t agree with Sheperd more with”one of the central attractions of the site is its ability to make the stars seem ‘just like us’”.  Now I feel that they are just like my friends that I’ll be able to be aware of what they’re up to, and so are those well-known politicians like Obama and Schwarzenegger. Twitter is like bridge that shortened the distance between celebrities and common people.

However, as in Sheperd’s artical that “Twitter offers a platform for celebrities to conduct personal public relations campaigns”,  I don’t think it’s Twitter’s fault.  And it’s not surprising that “Celebrity has indeed been a central focus of Twitter “. People like  to know what celebrities are doing, that’s understandable and natural. And I think it’s more relaxing and casual than following some political events. Althought I’m not Ashton Kutcher’s fan, I’m  following him anyway, and I wish my favorite actor tweeted as much as he does. I  don’t think there is anyone to blame, it’s just the way that networking website is.

Interestingly, there’s been someone began to follow me  on every day since I restarted to use Twitter, and I’ve no idea who they are. But anyway, it a new journey for me and I’m sure it’ll be fun and enjoyable.


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  1. I had some similar experiences.

    Firstlt, I read more news after using the Twitter. Sometimes, I just feel too lazy to visit a news website and dig up news myself. But when I saw something intriguing on Twitter, and there was a link right behind it, I did click it and read the news article it hyperlinked to. It just seems effortless.

    Also, I got some stranger followers and I am kind of curios about their motivations, because I only read and never tweet. Some people follow me back after I following them; some others are organizations so they may have business purposes; but the rest, they are individuals whom I have nothing to do with. So, I don’t know.


  2. I followed some news on Twitter, too; and I think it is quite convenient for me. However, I think the page just went so quickly so that sometimes I can’t catch all the news. I heard some people follow a lot of celebrities and I am just so curious about whether they did read all the tweets or they just let some of the tweets go by.

    Somebody followed me, too. And I just don’t know who they are. I felt a little uncomfortable and I don’t feel like want to tweet anything after being followed by some strangers. I am starting to think that maybe Twitter is more suitable for celebrity and corporations to use(?!).


  3. Good point: Shepherd complains that “Twitter offers a platform for celebrities to conduct personal public relations campaigns,” — and you wrote: “I don’t think it’s Twitter’s fault.” As Alan pointed out, on Twitter we get whatever we choose. So if we want a bunch of celebrities chattering, okay … and if we do not want that, then just un-follow those people!


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