Hello everyone!

My name is Tianning Li (the pronounciation is similar to the word “tanning”, but the meaning is not), a new master’s student majored in Telecommunication. I’m from Beijing(also known as Pekin), the capital of China. I was a tourism major when I was in college, but in my senior year, I got a great opportunity to work as an intern in CBS News, Beijing Bureau to help them do some preparation for 2008 Olympic Games, then I realized that this is what I really want to do, this is my dream job. However, I don’t have any academic backround, so I’m not that competent if I want to work in this field. Then I figured I should pursue a higher degree and UF’s got a very selective program which is exactly what I’m looking for, so I’m here.  I’m glad that I took this class since I didn’t get much chance to talk about democratic society before.  In addition, I’m a travel person, and I’ve been to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Italy,France,Germany,Austria,Swizterland… so if you like travel too, we can share the experience or talk about it some time. Anyway,  I’m glad I came to UF and I’m sure that we are going to have fun in this class.


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  1. Wah, you have traveled to a lot of countries! How lucky!

    Did you get the chance to attend any events at the Beijing Olympics? I was in Sydney for the 2000 Olympics — what a fantastic experience that was! Unfortunately I could not go to the opening or closing ceremonies, but I did get to see several events. The atmosphere in the city was very joyous and exciting. The energy level seemed to be at peak levels all day and all night!


    • I feel very lucky too~ Unfortunately,I was not in Beijing at that time. I participated in the Summer Work&Travel program in the US that summer(great experience too),but I watched most of the events on TV and talked about it with my co-workers a lot! I hope I’ll get the chance to attend London Olympics or others in the future.


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